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About Us

Who we are and what we do

Tooth Fairies is a specialist training provider delivering dental nursing programmes across Wales and South West of England

We have been successfully delivering this training for over 13 years, and our reputation goes before us.

We feel passionately about the job that we are entrusted to do which is formally train and qualify our future generation of dental nurses, we feel honoured that we are trusted to do this, and love doing it well.

We pride ourselves on our ability to drive the service and commitment to the highest standards, serving our learners and employers alike.

We deliver a range of commercial and government funded programmes to support individuals to achieve their career goals. Likewise we support employers to upskill their workforce, and help them to achieve their practice objectives, in terms of development and continuous improvement and development of staff.

Our people

Our people are our most valuable resource, we value their commitment, integrity and professionalism in everything they do.

We have clear values and shared goals, and this makes this a great place to work too! We invest heavily in continuous professional development for the whole team and this enables everyone to do their best for everyone using our services.

We are always on the look out for like minded people to join us and develop our talent pool further. Contact us if you are committed to our values.

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Quality and Compliance

We work extremely hard at Tooth Fairies to maintain the highest standards , regularly being inspected against external regulators , including Estyn, EWC, City and Guilds & GDC Educational Standards.

We listen and act upon any feedback from learners, employers and employees and this allows us to continually improve our service standards, if you are ever dissatisfied with any of our service you can let us know by email to

We use data effectively to regularly manage our performance measures, as well as undertaking annual self-assessment processes, against set criteria .


You can expect us all at Tooth Fairies to exhibit the highest possible standards of care, treating you with tolerance, respect and understanding, giving all our learners support and encouragement and praise for the work that they do.

We aim to provide the service that fulfils all the needs of our customers, including learners, employers and suppliers, responsive and professional at all times. As a team we aim to provide the right environment and tone that leads everyone to succeed.


Safeguarding (Prevent)

We take all reasonable actions to staying safe for all staff and learners, and safety and wellbeing it is a key priority area for us here at Tooth Fairies.

All staff and all of our learners take part in activities and receive formal training to educate and raise awareness of safety and well being and how to report on concerns. We are committed to protect people from harm, and report any concerns of potential risks to violence, extremism exploitation and victimisation.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We look to recruit from a wide range of people with different perspectives, that celebrate and respect the communities we work and live in. We encourage and celebrate differences at work encouraging a culture of inclusivity that we are proud of.


We conduct our business at all times with professional integrity, based on our professional standards for dental and educational professionals, we expect and support all of our teams to maintain these standards in everything that we do.

All employees have a professional duty to disclose and report any activity that they find to the appropriate bodies.

Responsible recruitment

Tooth Fairies is committed to ensuring that we adopt all the principles of responsible recruitment, ensuring everyone is, and continues to be safe to work in this environment.

This includes all staff being qualified and registered with the UK Dental Regulator – General Dental Council( GDC) and the Educational Workforce Council (EWC) before they commence work in any capacity.

This single step ensures that all learners, employers and employees work in a safe environment, and comply with all current regulations, this includes carrying out Enhanced DBS checks also.