Decontamination Lead training day

Decontamination Lead training day

HTM01/05 and WHTM01/05 states that an individual with experience and training is required to take responsibility for infection control and decontamination within the dental practice. The role of the decontamination lead is to ensure that all systems, procedures and records are in place, all staff are trained and competent, and compliance with the regulations is evidenced and kept up to date.


Course Aim
To provide decontamination leads with the skills, information and understanding to perform their role to meet the current HTM01/05 and WHTM01/05 guidance.


• State the role and responsibilities of the decontamination lead and other staff
• Demonstrate an audit activity to identify areas for change
• Access and identify the current guidance from the HTM01/05 and WHTM01/05 document
• Produce a written protocol with a method of validation
• Discuss how change may be implemented within the dental team
• Identify where further support and guidance can be sought


Course structure
This a one day course, providing 6 hours verifiable CPD. The day will comprise of group and individual work supported by our tutors
Certificates will be issued on the day of attendance


Course venue
Unit 20 Capital Business Park, Parkway, Cardiff, CF3 2PY


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