IRMER Radiation Protection Update course

IRMER Radiation Protection Update course

The one day course covers the core subjects recommended for continuing training and education as contained within para A 3.7 of the NRPB Guidance Notes for General Practitioners on the Safe Use of X-Ray Equipment, June 2001 (which remains extant despite the NRPB having being subsumed into the Health Protection Agency – which has itself now become Public Health England):
(a) The principles of radiation physics;
(b) Risks of ionising radiation;
(c) Radiation doses in dental radiography;
(d) Factors affecting doses in dental radiography;
(e) The principles of radiation protection;
(f) Statutory requirements;
(g) Selection criteria;
(h) Quality assurance.


NB. Whilst there is no requirement within the Guidance Notes for operators to study selection criteria, the course is intended to be suitable for both Dentists and Dental Care Professionals – the GDC has recommended that radiography and radiation protection should form one of the core subjects for DCPs since the introduction of compulsory CPD for them in July 2008.


This course will update you to changes to legislation concerning dental radiography and ensure you are aware of statutory responsibilities. It also ensures you meet IRMER and GDC continuing education requirements


Who should attend?
Dental practitioners and IRMER operators - hygienists, therapists and dental nurses who have gained their dental radiography certificate.


About the speaker ……..
Ian Hamilton BSc BDS MSc is a registered dentist with a background in radiation protection and an MSc in Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology. He has presented at International conferences in Budapest (2009) and Hiroshima (2011). He lectures at post-graduate level on VT/Foundation courses for Thames Valley& Wessex HEEs, NHS Scotland, NHS Highlands and the NE Deanery.


Formerly the subject matter expert (SME) for the Defence Dental Services, he now lectures widely throughout the UK in Radiography and Radiation Protection for all members of the Dental Team. His course feedback reports consistently rate this mandatory training as a lively, entertaining and informative day.


Course Aim
To meet the GDC requirement that all Dentists and DCPs should carry out 5 hours of verifiable continuing professional development in Radiology and Radiation Protection as part of their 5–yearly recertification cycle.


Educational Learning Outcomes:
• To understand what statutory legislation is applicable to Dental Radiology/Radiography (IRR 99, IR (ME) R 2000, and IR (ME) Amending Regulations 2006) and what specific roles and responsibilities are laid down within these Regulations (with particular regard to Local Rules and Pregnancy).
• To revise the nature of and specific hazards associated with ionising radiation in order that all members of the Dental team understand the need to protect both themselves and their patients.
• To understand the principles of Radiation Protection and how these are translated into practice. Revise the Selection Criteria for Dental Radiography in accordance with the FGDP (UK) Guidelines so that both dentists and DCPs understand the need for justification of every exposure.
• To understand the requirement for a Quality Assurance programme and the need for (and benefits gained from) auditing image quality at appropriate intervals. Revise positioning techniques for both intraoral and panoramic radiography.