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Legal and Ethical


Course Description

CPD Hours:

At a time where it has become regulation for DCPs to be responsible for their own professionalism as part of the dental team, when hearings before the GDC for DCP’s is ever increasing for this registrant group a clearer understanding of dental law and ethics becomes paramount to dental care professionals.

It is a critical time for dental teams to address all issues surrounding dental law and ethics in a changing culture with increased demands and expectations from patients about their dental treatment and care.

Course Aim

Update knowledge and understanding of how to apply the relevant Law and ethics regulations within the Dental team.


  • Discuss the requirements of consent
  • Identify how confidentiality is maintained
  • Identify what dental professionals can carry out within their scope of practice
  • State the requirements of CPD
  • Discuss the importance of raising concerns
  • Identify methods of complaints handling

Course structure

This course provides 3 hours of verifiable CPD. The course will comprise of group and individual work supported by our tutors.

Certificates will be issued on successful completion

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