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Why employ a trainee dental nurse?

Employing a trainee dental nurse to your team can help to bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas to your business and such a willingness to learn. Remember all our learners are paying us for their professional qualification and so show a real commitment to adding value to your team.

We’ll help you recruit for free and offer outstanding support, every step of the way.

Why choose us?

We are passionate about the future of dental nursing in Wales, and we are just as passionate about quality too! Our reputation for excellence is our USP!

We are proud to hold Direct Claim Status with the City & Guilds our Awarding Body, this means that they are happy with the quality of our delivery and trust us to certify the learners ourselves, whilst upholding the requisite standards of education.

All our staff are qualified dental professionals, qualified to assess, and teach in this route. We are all registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and Education Workforce Council (EWC) in Wales, both are a mandatory requirement to work in this sector in work based learning.

We are always happy to answer any queries you have about this matter, especially if it helps you to make an informed decision about the “right” training provider for you, your practice and your learner.

How we work with you

We will work with you to understand what is important to you and how we can help to achieve your training and business goals. Our flexible and professional approach means that together we can achieve maximum benefits for your business. We strive for continuous improvement and will always act upon feedback from both our learners and employers throughout the learner journey.

Free recruitment service

We make recruitment easy by assisting you with finding the right trainee dental nurse for your practice, offering a personal, comprehensive and bespoke service. We have worked with hundreds of employers to deliver high quality training across many years across dental nursing, management, and customer service routes.

We understand that employee recruitment is costly and time consuming to your business and so like to make this as streamlined as possible .

Making your life easier

Simple steps to finding your perfect trainee dental nurse:

  • Tell us your recruitment needs, when you want the role(s) to start and any special requirements you have, and we will reserve you a space on the programme.
  • Send us a copy of your Trainee Dental Nurse advert - The advert should be comprehensive and attractive, including what kind of practice you are and what a learner can expect working with you, what kind of person you are looking for, essential and desired attributes, whether the role is full or part time etc.
  • Include an email address to which you would like candidates to apply to - The CV's will come directly to you for screening. 
  • We will share a copy of your advert onto our social media platforms - helping you hit an incredibly targeted audience 
  • The next step is interviews. You will interview the candidates and select the candidate that is the best suit to your team.
  • Once you have appointed your new employee, we will enrol them on to their programme, provide on-going support to them throughout their qualification, to ensure they are learning and becoming an asset to your business.

Are there any requirements when recruiting a trainee dental nurse?

Apprenticeship Route Commercial Route
You will need to pay an apprentice at least the Apprenticeship National Minimum Wage, although we encourage you to pay more than that if possible. You will need to pay at least a National Minimum Wage although we encourage you to pay more than that if possible.
Need to employ for 30 hours per week as minimum, with minimum of 16 hours of this at chairside Minimum of 16 hours per week as per GDC stipulation (to ensure competency can be achieved)
Be willing to allow work release for college to complete the English and Maths elements of the framework N/A
15 - 24 months to complete 15 - 24 months to complete
Provide a workplace mentor to support learning and give formal feedback to us each month via portfolio Provide a workplace mentor to support learning and give formal feedback to us each month via portfolio

FAQ’s Employers section

We know there is a load of things to consider when considering taking on a new member of staff to your team. If there is anything more, you would like to explore, please contact us for a chat.

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